How to Soften Hard Leather Shoes

Tough leather is also an unpleasant problem, especially when it comes to shoes. New shoes tend to be overly tight or have stress points. But sneakers which are initially comfy can also shed relaxation. The beloved leather shoes become brittle and hard after frequent wear. Especially when the shoes were wet or washed, the leather … Read more

How to Dry Leather Shoes

Shoes made from leather are particularly hard-wearing in poor weather. If you clean, dry and care for them properly, you can significantly extend their life. Buy sneakers! This is the most important tip for shoe care. Especially in fall and winter. Because one piece of information that experts often give is: You need more than … Read more

How to Clean Velvet Shoes

Velvet is one of the very delicate and difficult to wash fabrics. As a result, we don’t usually wear it every single day, and we wear our velvet clothes for special occasions or celebrations that require an elegant and classy outfit. But that doesn’t only happen with clothes, it happens the identical way with velvet … Read more

How to Care for Patent Leather Shoes

The first impression counts – that is not only true at work, in various everyday situations or in private. A well-groomed appearance necessarily ends with a well-groomed shoe and is crucial for the first impression. A flawless appearance can open many doors to you, regardless of what situation you are confronted with. With embarrassing creases, … Read more

How to Care for Patent Leather Shoes

Patent leather shoes look stylish and fashionable. It draws attention to itself with its brilliance. To keep the look of patent leather shoes, you need to know how to correctly care for them and what means to clean their shiny surface. Care of patent leather at home Lacquered shoes have to be cared for from … Read more

Good leather shoes with strong creases

Shoes don’t need to seem like our cover image. Why does someone have such powerful creases in their sneakers? We took care of the sneakers. At some point, even the best leather, despite routine and good shoe maintenance, is in the end of its life. A good shoe may be worn for a long time … Read more