How to Clean Velvet Shoes

Velvet is one of the very delicate and difficult to wash fabrics. As a result, we don’t usually wear it every single day, and we wear our velvet clothes for special occasions or celebrations that require an elegant and classy outfit.

But that doesn’t only happen with clothes, it happens the identical way with velvet shoes, but having an additional one, not being able to set them in the washing machine, we are forced to hand wash them.

It is now when we consider which product is suitable not to damage our shoes and how to eliminate the stains. If you want to wear some ideal pair of sneakers to your next party, read on to learn how to clean velvet shoes.


The first thing you should do to wash your velvet shoes would be to have a soft-bristled brush and carefully, without pressing on the shoe, paying particular attention to the stains.


Then take an empty plastic jar larger than one liter and combine 1 tablespoon of detergent with 1 liter of warm water. The water cannot be hot since it would damage the velvet fabric. Shake the bottle well to create a good deal of foam. When the maximum possible foam has been created, apply some foam to the soft bristles of the brush (just the foam) and very gently rub the stains in favour of this velvet with no pressing.


In case your lace sneakers are stained with dirt or some type of food, then you can use it with alcohol to wash. Have a container, fill it with water and add just a little alcohol. It employs the conventional alcohol we keep in the medicine cabinets to heal the wounds, a much more aggressive one would harm the velvet tissue. Mix well and dampen a soft sponge. It is very important that the sponge isn’t abrasive in order not to damage the shoe. Squeeze the sponge well to avoid over-wetting the shoes and rub the stains quite lightly without pressing. Rinse the sponge several days to clean it and keep the dirt from the water. Remove the remaining solution with a clean cloth and allow the velvet shoe dry.


If you’ve got the chance to clean the stain as soon as it seems, pay it with talcum powder and let it sit for a day or two.


Try cleaning your heeled sneakers after these procedures and leave them just like new. If the spots are extremely severe and do not go away, take them to an expert to have them eliminated. If you have other party shoes with the exact same issue and you don’t know what to do, then it’s possible to try and see how to clean satin shoes.

If you would like to read similar articles on how to clean velvet shoes, then we advise that you enter our household cleaning class.


  • Bear in mind you cannot clean your velvet shoes with warm water as this will damage the fabric.
  • Do not get the velvet shoes wet too much.

Soft & clean: Take Proper Care of Velvet Shoes

Velvet is the fad material for the coming autumn and winter. Shoes also shimmer in this noble fabric. In order for the velvet sneakers to remain velvety soft and tidy, it’s contingent on the ideal care.

Velvet is the fad material for the fall/winter season 2021/22 – in shoe style. Anyone who has previously thought of baroque ostentatious furniture, dusty theatre curtains or creepy gothic coats when it comes to velvet is presently experiencing its blue wonder! Because in the upcoming period, the velvet will offer trendy highlights in the outfit in many modern variants.

If velvet dresses are excessively dramatic, velvet skirts too tasteful or velvet blazers too romantic, you can spice up your clothes in the winter season with velvet shoes. Especially for novices in velvet, this is ideal for setting classy accents without feeling disguised. Whether as loafers, boots and ankle boots, pumps or sneakers: shoes made of velvet or with lace inserts enhance every outfit and create shimmering aha effects.

Cleaning Shoes Made of Velvet: Be Careful

Velvet shoes may be the must-haves of the winter season, but there is 1 thing they’re not: winter shoes. There is far more suitable footwear for snowfalls and muddy weather from the large city. Velvet sneakers, on the other hand, are more suitable for secure weather conditions and indoor activities.

Velvet is a noble and sensitive material and regardless of what you attempt: first check the method in a concealed place for colour fastness.

The best method to eliminate superficial dirt would be to use the moor rubber facet of our nubuck box. If a blotting stick to the fabric a little more stubbornly, loosen it with our BAMBOO LOTION. Spray only a little bit of liquid on the stain and carefully brush it out with the CLEANING BRUSH.

Impregnate Velvet Shoes: Fine and Frequent

Because we understand how difficult it’s to remove stains out of velvet, we strive all the more to guard the shoe so that the annoying blot devils cannot nestle in in the first location. Use it frequently, applying a fine layer at a time. The velvet shouldn’t get soaked. Also, make sure that you spray on the whole shoe evenly so there are no colour differences.

Give your velvet shoes time to dry and do not place them. The heat can fade the shade. If the shoe nevertheless fades over time, treat yourself to a colour refreshment remedy with our NUBUK + TEXTILE care in the right colour!

Velvet Shoes in Trend

As of the season, velvet has been popular outside of being used for dresses and coats. Velvet is discovered in boots, pumps and loafers and gives the shoes a certain elegance and highlights femininity.

Velvet shoes can also be used quite flexibly because they not only add a highlight to day wear but also adapt to simple jeans and comfy casual outfits.

Since lace sneakers are currently very much in fashion, we thought we’d write a great article on how you can care for and clean lace shoes so they are as amazing as they were in the beginning.

How to Clean and Care for Velvet Shoes Properly – This is How it Works

Since velvet is a very delicate substance, these shoes must be washed and cared for extremely carefully. Therefore, you should apply your own care spray for fabrics to impregnate the surface immediately after purchase. Any spots that have surfaced could be removed with our very own cleaning foam for velvet fabrics and must never be processed along with different means in order not to ruin the sensitive fibres.

A little sponge that’s been soaked with the special cleaning agent is best suited to carefully dab on the shoes with it this method doesn’t hurt the pile! A drying beneath heat isn’t recommended as that this may lead to a blotchy surface.

It’s therefore advisable to simply things the shoes with paper until everything is dry. Shoes made of velvet chevre can be cleaned using a suitable care item, however, the fibres should then be worked using a soft brush to maintain the soft structure.

Clean and Maintain Velvet Shoes With Home Remedies

Velvet Stands for Ultra-Soft Fabric

Velvet was being produced in Europe from the 14th century and used for the clothes of the rich and famous. Even back then, this precious fabric was created in an especially laborious manner, as pruning demanded a special technique and velvet has relatively brief and dense pile fibres compared to velour or plush. This makes velvet a very nice and soft fabric that shimmers otherwise in the light and therefore has an especially shiny effect.

Preparation for The Care and Cleaning of Velvet Shoes

First and foremost, you need to check whether the velvet shoes are really velvet and not velvet chevre, which is deceptively similar, but a bit easier to care for. Velvet shoes should never be put in the washing machine or tumble dryer. The nice material must not be rubbed but must be carefully squeezed out using a towel.

Gentle drying online is possible if a fabric is put under to protect against pressure marks. To be able to avoid soiling and damage as far as possible, care ought to be taken to ensure proper storage out of the sporting time. The velvet shoes should be pressed to a shoe rack, as this can quickly lead to ugly folds and fractures.

If it does become dirty, the usage of chemicals to clean these shoes is catastrophic. Fibres can loosen up, which can ruin the surface.

More Care Tips for Your Velvet Shoes

Keep and Store Velvet Shoes

If you’re planning to take your velvet shoes with you on trips and package them in a bag, make sure that they are not buckled! Otherwise, your lace sneakers will have ugly creases that are difficult to remove. The more they’re creased, the heavier the springs. For more storage or storage in the cellar, we recommend packing them in a plastic bag to prevent moisture and weather. The velvet shoes must be completely dry before you pack them.

Get Rid of Wrinkles Again

In case your velvet shoes have suffered creases, you ought to use steam to smooth them out again – care no iron! To try it, you just hang your shoes over hot water. The warm moisture soaks the material slowly and in this manner enables a gentle removal of creases in the velvet cloth.

Impressions: Beautiful Velvet Shoes in Trend

With their stylish embroidered sneakers, PRADA, MIU MIU and other designers demonstrate that velvet shoes do not have to look boring.

Your Care Tips

In this guide, we’ve shown you what’s important if you would like to care for and keep your velvet shoes.

So they will remain with you for a long time. Since velvet is a really valuable material, you have to be very careful when cleaning it.

Cleaning at the washing machine is definitely to be avoided. Do you have any other hints that we have not cited and need to share them with other readers? Write in the comments below which care tips you can recommend.


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