Urban Academy camp: impact update




Summer camp experiences are an enriching part of childhood for many.

This is the case for the LYDIA Urban Academy students who attended the camp. They were challenged and stretched through activities such as a treetops ropes course, zip-line, trust falls, and tubing on the lake.

Students learned that teens can have a great time without drugs or alcohol. And most importantly, they saw their college-aged counselors living a Christ-centered life.

The week they spent at camp was life-changing.

Eleven of the 20 students who attended camp this year came back having made a commitment to follow Jesus. This is the greatest response we have had in the six years we have been sending kids to camp.

LYDIA Urban Academy staff is committed to helping students learn how to grow in their faith.

One of the 11 students who made a faith commitment is Eric. He began attending LUA last November after he had been expelled from his previous high school. Because he had run out of options, he was willing to attend our Christian high school even though he proclaimed himself an atheist. During the months preceding camp, Eric was gradually becoming less antagonistic about Christianity as he was introduced to some of Jesus’ teachings and to our Christian staff.

At camp, on the last night, during the final large group gathering of several hundred, we were shocked to see Eric stand in the crowd to indicate his desire to accept Christ. Since Eric is a practical joker of great proportion, we thought perhaps he was playing around in his unique blend of humor. But no, he has shown himself to be serious in his decision since that point.

We are praying that his new faith will take root and that he will use his many strengths to honor the Lord.

We are so grateful to our community partners who made this camp experience possible.

Willow North Shore donates generously each year; the Corporate Coach bus company provided us with transportation at minimal cost, and generous individual donors made this trip possible. Thank you for helping change lives!


Your part of reaching those in need.

June 30 marks the end of another fiscal year at LYDIA. This year alone, LYDIA has served thousands of children and their families through Safe Families, Urban Academy, residential, foster care, counseling, and preschool.

We're counting on you to stand with us to meet the needs of these children and families.

Prayerfully consider your best gift so LYDIA can continue to strengthen families to care for children and care for children when families cannot.

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