Love is an open door

Lydia - Little Girl

Rachel* never knew who was coming through the door. On Friday afternoons, when she would get locked in her bedroom she knew she would have to wait to learn who her parents had become after spending the weekend at the casino. Would they be the jubilant winners, celebrating their good fortune? Or would they be the dejected couple burdened with caring for a 6-year-old girl that brought them nothing but bad luck?

Too many times the house won, and Rachel lost. Their frustration, fueled by alcohol, was unleashed on a little girl who’d been waiting in fear….By the time Rachel arrived at LYDIA, she’d learned to anticipate being shuttered away to await a punishment she did not deserve. She waited, day-after-day, but it never came.

Instead, day-after-day, she found love and acceptance by the professionals at LYDIA. The consistency, structure, and routine began freeing her from anxiety and allowed her to feel safe for the first time in her life. Her therapist at LYDIA taught her healthy ways to open her heart, to forgive, and live with dignity and self-respect.

Because of you, children like Rachel, living at LYDIA are on the path to their forever home. They need your help. While the State of Illinois does provide funding for our residential and foster care programs, this funding does not cover all of the costs we incur. We rely upon the generosity of donors like you to provide Hope, Healing, and Home to our children.

More than ever we need your support!       

We are asking you to stand with LYDIA. As we near the end of our fiscal year, we’re asking you to stand with the children served by our Foster Care program as their LYDIA Case Workers guide them to their forever home. Stand with the children in our Residential Program who need LYDIA Home to heal from the severe abuse they’ve endured. Stand with those whose lives have been changed by families who love them.

Together, we can make a difference for these children but we need your help. We’re ambitiously praying to raise $100,000 by June 30th. This target will help us:

  • Increase the capacity of our Foster Care Program, leading to more “forever homes” for more children.

  • Renovate our residential facility to create a more welcoming, therapeutic environment.

  • Secure more therapeutic services for our children traumatized by abuse.

Would you be willing to make a donation of $500, $100, or even $50? Whatever you can supply will help us meet our goal and bring Hope, Healing, and Home to our children.

We simply can’t do it without you. 

Your support makes a real, lasting impact in their lives. 


*names and personal information have been tweaked to preserve the privacy of the people in the stories.

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