Going Home

Lydia - Going Home

Darnell was sitting on the porch by himself without a clue of what to do next. He was a 12-year-old boy who spent the weekend with a friend and come home to an empty apartment.

His Aunt was the only family he had. She became overwhelmed with her responsibilities and simply packed up and left, leaving her nephew to fend for himself.

Six hours passed before neighbors eventually contacted authorities and Darnell was taken into foster care. The boy's sadness and feelings of rejection led to frequent angry outbursts. He had experienced incredible trauma and was convinced that he was unlovable.

After living in six different foster homes, he came to Lydia Home.

Through the compassion of LYDIA staff, Darnell was able to receive the care he needed to restore his God-given dignity and prove to him that he was valuable. During his nearly three years at LYDIA, Darnell became a leader and an encourager to younger boys.

It was with great joy when, 2 weeks ago, we saw Darnell leave LYDIA to join his forever family!

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